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WiFi issue

Joining in

My WiFi has been fine through my house since having the kit installed years ago.
Over the last few weeks my connection seems to drop out in certain rooms and I'm not sure why. 
It stays showing it's connected just it's either really slow or doesn't work at all. 
I've done the usually. Reboot the hub 3 reset it all that jazz. Just don't no where to go from here. As doing the scan, it says my WiFi is fine 
Any ideas? 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
Always worth a pinhole reset first

Firstly, make sure the Hub's sticker/card with the two passwords on it is still there and legible If not – DON’T DO IT !
With the Hub switched "on", disconnect any ethernet connections (leave the co-ax connected) and then push in the “reset pin” with the end of a paperclip/thin nail/SIM tray “tool” or similar (bigger items like ball point pen ends may not press it in far enough) until you feel it at the “stop point” and hold it there firmly for a "timed" minimum of 60 seconds do NOT manually restart the Hub at any time. Leave it 10' or so to stabilise and then your passwords/passphrase for both the Hub settings and the Wifi networks will revert to the two printed on the Hub sticker on its base/side/card. Make sure you use the wifi one for devices connecting to the wifi and the settings/admin one to access the Hub

See if that sorts it.


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