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WiFi intermittent connection

Our WiFi is spotty at best, cuts in and out at all hours of the day and night, modem is about 15ft from the MacPro.

After getting put on hold and subsequently hung up on by the system twice after 50 mins holding.... not frustrating at all!!! Finally got through to someone who seemed like he actually wanted to assist

Then having to ask the rep ( Indian) to repeat themselves a couple of dozen times due to the very strong unintelligible accent, he assured us that this is going to be ok moving forward. Even though it is a carbon copy of the issue we had 6 months ago when they sent out a technician to check the signal strength coming into the house and it turned out that someone had "disconnected something in the box down the street" re reconnected and everything lovely till last week.... repeat, repeat

After rebooting and resetting the modem on tech support instructions for the 3rd time, he decided that he didn't want to speak with me any longer as the account is in my partners name???

So after dragging her out of her office and him making her jump through the same hoops as I had earlier, finally he got the modem to connect and now we have WiFi (lets see how long this lasts this time)

The last thing he told us that the best way to resolve this being an issue going forward is to turn off the modem at night and turn it back on in the a.m. ???????

Who has ever heard of this sorcery nonsense before? He's having a laugh right? 

The Frustrated Family



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Re: WiFi intermittent connection

Thanks for your post Hattsnightmare, and welcome to our community.


Sorry to hear of the trouble you've been having with the Internet, you shouldn't need to switch it off every night but a reboot can help clear our the cobwebs 🙂


Please keep us posted with how you get on with things.


Kind regards, 



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