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WiFi dropping

Tuning in

Good evening,

I’m currently on the m250 but over the past month internet dropouts have been getting worse and worse. My partner works from home and some days is having to work entirely from her work dongle as she can’t rely on connection during conference calls. We use WiFi on all devices as none are in the same room as the router.

I’ve tried resetting / restarting the router and no luck.

What advice is there for next steps as using the app/website I’m going round in circles with no option to raise an issue !



We need to establish whether or not the circuit is dropping or just the WiFi.

If the former, then a wired connection woul drop too. Are you able to arrange a wired connection?


Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)

Hi @Sephiroth,


I have only 2 devices which run on ethernet where it comes in the house, thats the TV and also Virgin box which its linked to.  I dont recall these ever dropping, however they do at times buffer on netflix.

The rest of the house is ran on wifi connection, as of today I have 13 connections. When ive called virgin today they have told me 13 is too many for M250, yet when also speaking to virgin CS team today they advised M250 should support upto 16 connections!!??

The customer relations team advised the faults team should be able to offer me boosters, yet all they done was advise too many connections and tried to get me to upgrade my package! Why would I upgrade with a package that doesnt seem to be running to the standards it should E.G. upto 16 connections without dropping.

3 hours wasted, not a step further forward and now looking for a way out of contract if they cant sort my issue.

They don’t their ear-hole from their a……..

M250 will support any number of connections - ithe experience just depends on what the connections are doing at any point. 

one thing they won’t do - is drop. They’ll just go slow while in contention. 

lLoad of less than honest claptrap.  If you want to get to the bottom of this, a wired PC is needed. If WIfi drops you can get to the stats with a wired connection. 


Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You can get cheap USB to Ethernet adapters very cheap on Amazon and if you are working from home it’s always best to have a wired connection.

There are 10 types of people: those who understand binary and those who don't and F people out of 10 who do not understand hexadecimal c1a2a285948293859940d9a49385a2

My issue is the Ethernet comes in downstairs and the office is upstairs and I don’t really want to run a cable or start drilling through ceilings ! 

I’ve know you can use the house socket circuit but I’m lead to believe that upstairs needs to be on the same circuit as down ? ( which ours isn’t!)

I don’t know your house but if I were to wire upstairs and downstairs separately, I would have a little cupboard with 2 patch panels.  Then you can connect downstairs Ethernet to the neatest socket and bridge between panels to the socket  you could use upstairs. 

to get to the bottom of this, the suggested Ethernet steps are necessary. 


Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)