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WiFi dropping and unresponsive Hub 3


I have an intermittent problem where WiFi just stops working. Wired connections are still up and running perfectly but all wifi devices drop the connection and can't see it (I have a guest wifi set up and that drops as well).

If I try and log into the hub, it can be totally unresponsive (As opposed to excruciatingly slow at most other times)

Because it's intermittent I haven't been able to call VM when it's happening. I did call yesterday and effectively got 'Tough, it's working now, we won't do anything about it'!

I've done factory resets and it still happens. I pointed out it's obviously a hub thing, can't they just send a new hub as they have done in the past but the answer was a big fat NO.

I'm trying to work from home and I also have a son with Autism who can be inconsolable when his tablet loses connection during tablet time!

Is there anything I can do to get this sorted???


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: WiFi dropping and unresponsive Hub 3

Try a 60 second pinhole reset on the hub to see if that stabilises the Wi-Fi thereafter 

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