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WiFi connection and signal issues

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Good morning, 

I am writing to you regarding a problem I am experiencing in my household with our Wi-Fi connection. My housemate has been having an awful time on her devices - both phone and laptop - with the Wi-Fi connection dropping and fluctuating constantly for no apparent reason. We have tried resetting the router but this doesn't seem to have helped. I have checked to see if there are any WiFi issues in our area via the postcode, but this hasn't come up with anything. 

Can I get some advice on why this might be happening and what we can do to fix it? I am happy to get back to you with any account details you may need.


Kind regards,


Abigail Martin



If only your housemate is having problems perhaps this is a Wi-Fi coverage issue.

Have you housemate check the signal strength & if it is poor have a look at a Wireless Repeater such as an AC750 or a AC1750.

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Great morning Abigail,

Please accept my apologies to catch wind of the Wi-Fi network issues you and your housemate are encountering. Wi-Fi issues can be disappointing, however there are a few likely explanations behind the drops and changes. Here are a few stages you can take to investigate and conceivably resolve the issue:


Make sure the router is placed in a central location in your home and not obstructed by walls or other objects. This helps ensure better signal distribution throughout the house.Check if there are any available firmware updates for your router and apply them. New firmware versions often include bug fixes and performance improvements.Wi-Fi networks can overlap, leading to interference. Log in to your router's admin interface and try changing the Wi-Fi channel to a less crowded one.Keep electronic devices that may cause interference (e.g., cordless phones, microwaves) away from the router.Make sure unauthorized devices are not connected to your Wi-Fi network, as they can consume bandwidth and cause drops.On the problematic devices, you can try resetting network settings to see if it resolves the issue.If possible, try connecting devices to the router via Ethernet cables to see if the Wi-Fi problem persists. This can help identify whether the issue is specific to Wi-Fi or the internet connection itself.If none of the above steps work, it's possible that the issue lies with your internet service provider (ISP). Reach out to them and inquire if there are any known issues in your area or if they can run diagnostics on your connection.


If the problem persists, it might be beneficial to reach out to your ISP's technical support for further assistance. They may be able to troubleshoot the issue remotely and provide specific solutions tailored to your connection.

I hope these steps help in resolving the Wi-Fi connectivity problem. If you need further assistance or have specific account details that could be relevant, don't hesitate to share them, and I'll do my best to help you further.

Best regards,

[ Ronald J. Green ]


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi AbigailMartin97,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.
Thanks also for reaching out to us about the Wi-Fi connectivity issues you and your housemate are experiencing. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

Just to piggy back off @Client62's post, are they experiencing issues within their room for example?

Do you already have any boosters/Wi-Fi extenders in place?

Let us know,



Thank you for your response. The fluctuation of the WiFi connection isn't limited to one particular room - it happens all over the house, and occurs on my housemate's laptop, phone and also dropped out on the iPad of a guest who was staying in the house. 

We currently don't have any WiFi boosters or extenders in place. 


Kind regards,


Abigail Martin

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Can we check… are the issues only evident on wifi connections or do you see them at the same times on devices connected on ethernet cables? If you don't know, can you check to help diagnose whether it is just a wifi issue or it could be network connection/Hub related?

If ethernet is stable then your issue is due to the poor wifi, if it has the same issue then its with the VM Hub connection to the network.

Need to know which to solve it


I do not work for VM. My services: HD TV on VIP (+ Sky Sports & Movies & BT sport), x3 V6 boxes (1 wired, 2 on WiFi) Hub5 in modem mode with Apple Airport Extreme Router +2 Airport Express's & TP-Link Archer C64 WAP. On Volt 350Mbps, Talk Anytime Phone, x2 Mobile SIM only iPhones.

I'm sorry but I don't quite understand what you're asking me. The cables all seem to be stable where the hub is and we've tried resetting the router several times.

It seems like it may be a Hub issue instead of the WiFi itself as VM can't find any WiFi issues in my area. In any case, I would prefer to speak to a Virgin Media member of staff about this issue. 


Kind regards,


Abigail Martin

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

I have been able to take a look at things from our side and I am unable to see anything that stands out to be causing an issue as all the stats/specs are where they should be. 


There are so many things that can influence a Wi-Fi connection some of which include but are not limited to, a fish tank being in the same room, walls being built with concrete instead of brick, it could even be that your next-door neighbour’s router is interfering with yours. Please have a look here:


The Hub's location could also be causing the coverage problem, so we do need to check the positioning of it. Can you please ensure the following


Out in the open

Next to the TV not behind it

Away from large bodies of water (e.g., fish tanks)

Away from baby monitors and cordless phones

Away from microwaves


Think of the Hub as a radio, and WiFi as the sound - the further away you are from the radio, or the more obstacles that are in the way (walls, electronic devices etc.), the quieter the radio & the poorer the WiFi.


If that doesn't help, if you have the Hub 3, you can download our Connect App which will allow you to scan areas of your home and will offer help. You can view more information on that here: