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WiFi calling not working on Hub 5

Tuning in


I’m new to the community but hoping somebody can help after many failed calls with Virgin Media support. 

Since having a Hub 5 installed by Virgin engineer a couple of weeks ago I do not seem to be able to get WiFi calling on my IPhone. 

I’ve done all of the standard turn off/on, reset hub, enable WiFi calling etc on iPhone and also on the latest IOS and looked for any obvious settings within the hub settings too. 

I’ve seen posts online that Virgin need to do something in the background…?

With very poor signal in my property it’s proving difficult to stay connected long enough to speak to an advisor. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated as working from home is proving very difficult. 

Thank you 




In the Virgin Media account's section Websafe check Child Safe is Disabled.

Hi, yes it is. That was one of the settings the advisor who I was able to speak with asked me to turn off. 


Wi-Fi calling may not work Public IP is not for a UK ISP.  Disable all VPNs such as Apple Private Relay / Private Browsing tools.     the location should be UK and the ISP should be Virgin Media Limited

Checked this and location UK and ISP Virgin as expected. 


Final idea ... Wi-Fi Assist when enabled on an iPhone can cause the iPhone to drop off the Wi-Fi and revert to the mobile data service which prevents Wi-Fi calling from working.

Sorry, I don’t follow what the final idea is?


To try with iPhone "Wi-Fi Assist" disabled.

What do you suggest I try here, I’m a little confused. Thanks for your input

Hi @junior3_uk thanks for your post although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

We can see that @Client62 has advised you try disabling WiFi Assist and has given a link with instructions, can you please try this and let us know how you get on?

Many thanks