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WiFi booster

Hi virgin send me a WiFi booster kit, tried to connect it up to my super hub, followed there instructions to a T, won’t connect, hub 3 says WPS error, spent 4 hours trying, reset hub to factory, reset WiFi booster to factory, tried everything, rang virgin technical, they can’t see a issue, very frustrating, just trying to explain to them hub3 showing WPS error was like pulling finger nails out, they don’t know the difference between a router and WiFi booster, anyone had same issue, I’ve lost the will to live with virgin technical they are useless  


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Re: WiFi booster

Hi, zakjee,


Welcome to the Virgin Media forum and thank you for your post.


I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues connecting your boosters.


If you're experiencing issues synchronising your WiFi booster with your WiFi network, you can try below steps:

  • Follow the Quick Start guide to set both units up so they are connected to your Hub and communicating with each other
  • Press and hold the WPS button on the WiFi Booster for about ten seconds and release it
  • The WiFi light  and the Power light  will flash
  • Then go straight to your Hub and press the WPS button on the Hub for a couple of seconds. On the Super Hub this is the one with the Virgin Media logo, on the SuperHub 2 and 2ac it says WPS and on the Hub 3 it says Pair WPS
  • When the WiFi and Power lights stop blinking the synchronisation is finalised.
  • Your Wireless Manager on your wireless device should now show your Hub’s SSID when within range of your Hub and when within range of your WiFi Booster. The WiFi password will be the same as your Hub's WiFi password.

You may also find this thread about power boosters helpful.


Hope this helps. Keep us posted.



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