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WiFi Pods

Tuning in


I just tried to order some WiFi Pods as part of our volt package and was told they were out of stock at the moment and to ring back in 48 hrs. 

Does this sound right? I am wondering why they wouldn't just place them on order.

I have read some people are experiencing issues with a recent update to the network, pods stopped working etc.

Not sure what's going on at virgin, we have just joined and all of the issues we are experiencing are not giving a good first impression.

Any ideas?


Alessandro Volta
I've got one and tried it for a few days. Being n 1Gig, I got it for free and it does the job of relaying WiFi to other parts of the house with careful placement. I never intended keeping t running because normally I'm n modem mode and extend WiFi using Powerline adaptors. But I was curious.

The downfall of the device is VM's tight control they maintain over it. For a star, you are forced to have the Intelligent WiFi setting ON. Anything that VM call "intelligent" or "super" are the exact opposite and this is no exception. The whole "seamless" connectivity with automatic switching between 2.4 & 5GHz troubles me and others in this forum. You have no control over this and IT devices that must use 2.4GHz are at the mercy of VM's poor design.

Then there's the CONNECT app. Search the forum on this term. It is the worst piece of software ayone has ever written for public consumption. Read the threads.

If you're not a 1Gig customer, then that wretched device attracts a monthly charge (I think it's £5). This is a £10 made in China device that is paid for in 2 months and if you need two, then the rip-off is even worse.

If the foregoing has put you off, let us know and we can suggest better strategies, albeit or some cash outlay.

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi chrisaginn 👋

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you've had some issues ordering a pod. I can see you contacted us yesterday and have been given some advise from an agent. 

Please get back to us if you need any further assistance.


Hi, sorry for the late reply. I have still not received the pod since ordering but the way you are describing they don't sound worth having anyway. The Volt package I'm on is supposed to provide the pods if needed and guarantees at least 20mbps in every room in the house or £100 credit as part of virgins WiFi guarantee. 

Still haven't received any pods.

Hi chrisaginn,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, sorry to see you still haven't been able to get our WiFi Pods, I was able to locate you on our system and can see you have spoken to us recently, what have we advised?