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WiFi Pod requested

Joining in

Is it me or is virginmedia the worst broadband/wifi company. Trying to get any improvement to it is impossible especially thru there awful apps. I've been trying to get the booster pods for ages now with zero success. Personally I feel a new hub is probably the answer. Has anybody else experienced such awful broadband/wifi?

[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]



No more gripes.

Act now an invest in a suitable Wireless Mesh or Wireless Access points to cover your property.

Owning and controlling your own network equipment has many upsides.

Tuning in

Quite possibly, I had issues with my hub 4 which was cutting out intermittently On Saturday an engineer called and swapped out for a hub 5.

I have no issues with the engineer who was very professional and helpful. However now I have zero WiFi upstairs, no network found. My security cameras report unstable network and my power lines go from 100 Mb to 5Mb in seconds.

Chrome takes over a minute to load a webpage.

VM connect does not recognise the hub even after having been deleted several times.

Finally managed to order a pod but it wasn't easy.

Will have to wait and see but not sure it will be fixed.

I'm an end user not a techy, customers shouldn't be expected to jump through hoops to make things work. The phrase "Not fit for purpose" springs to mind.

Tuning in

Okay I will hold my hand up and say, at the moment, I was being pessimistic.

Pod arrived within the timeframe offered.

I was a bit wary after reading the instructions as they said it may take up to 24 hours to operate correctly.

Bite the bullet and go ahead. Network plugs removed, pod installed and 5 hours later I have stable WiFi upstairs at last.

Yes, I'm happy but given the fact that this is a common issue why aren't you provided with a pod along with the hub instead of having to spend ages on the phone to get a resolution.