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WiFi Pod Issues

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Hi everyone,

Just been sent the Hub 5 and upgraded to 1GB WiFi, everything working ok even if the WiFi signal is actually worse than my older hub 3. My issue is with my 2 WiFi pods not connecting to the new hub that were working perfectly with the old hub 3. Tried turning them off, moving them, contacting virgin (useless as usual), trying the connect app which is also useless. Any suggestions from anyone that’s had this issue and resolved it would be greatly received. 



The VM Pods are useless until Virgin Media either pair them to the new Hub or replace them.

Why VM do not do this as a standard operating procedure is a question many customers ask each day !

Their customer service is unreal, takes forever to get through and says someone will ring me back, then nobody does. 

Joining in

I have the exact same issue as yourself. Virgin seem clueless & won’t re send new pods until the non existent PT team contact me. I also wish I’d have kept the hub 3!  Sorry I’ve helpful no advise, I’ll be watching to see if anybody has any advice for you 😀

I was guaranteed someone would call me back yesterday and the guy from CS said he would call me back at 0800 this morning to ensure it had been done. I’m not shocked to say I’ve received neither 

Yes, I’m the same. Two lots said they’d ring me back too. No call backs. One guy actually put the phone down on me. 
I go through to retentions and they seem quicker to get through too. But again, they’re all useless as it’s only pt team who can resolve it because a tickets been raised! 
disgusting customer service as a whole 


The reason we don't use the VM Pods is just this, the moment anything changes or you have a special Wi-Fi need they are a busted flush.   We have a pair of Wireless Access points, their configuration does not change when a VM Hub is replaced.

If they never had the monopoly on speeds in my area I’d be leaving them, all I’ve had is issues 

How do you get wireless access points ? I’ve never heard of this 

Have you got any recommendations for any other Wi-Fi boosters to purchase?  As I’m about to bin the pods! Best place for them at the moment