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WiFi Boosters not working

On a regular basis the booster would just fall off the network and devices would get in a bit of a pickle as they thought they were connected but the booster was effectively dead.

I would end up having to go through the whole setup again to get them working for maybe another couple of days and same thing happens.

This takes us to 2 days ago where I think the booster has just given up trying as it pairs to the wired plug but it will not copy over the hub details through the app or by pressing the WPS button.

I've gone through resetting with the pin hole many times on both plugs and the app can see the booster but nothing will connect to it as it will not copy over the hub details.

Can anyone help me please?

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Re: WiFi Boosters not working

Hi BinghamBloke
I am more than happy to take a look at this for you 
I will need to send you a private message to pass security 
If you can check the purple envelope top right of your screen that would be great