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Wi-fi Reach

Evening all,

We renewed with VM last week, and when renewing we mentioned the Wi-fi doesn’t seem quick enough to what we were supposed to be getting. 

An engineer was booked for the following day and new fittings were fitted entering the house and on the inside wall. The speed improved; 80mbps to the 360mbps we were meant to be getting. 

The last few days the Wi-fi seems to be slow/struggling again. Did a speed test next to the hub and where last week was 360mb, it was 150mbps. Upstairs we switch to 4G as the reach is non existent with it ranging from 20 - 45mbps.

Could there be an issue with the hub itself? 

Keep safe 

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Re: Wi-fi Reach

what speeds do you get when connected to the hub with an ethernet cable?

Appreciate that this isn't particularly relevant because you want decent speeds over wifi, but VM only guarantee speeds when using a cable, so it's worth checking if you're getting the full speed and if it's just a wifi issue. If everything works well when connected via a cable, then your options for improving wifi are pretty limited - generally it comes down to buying your own 3rd party router and using the hub in modem mode.. 

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