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Wi-Fi constantly dropping & unable to reach the Hub 5 to login

Joining in

Since last Sunday my WiFi has been dropping out throughout the day, incrementally getting worse each day & is now utterly unusable. My neighbours WiFi with Virgin is fine. It’s my house, not the service to the area. 

It’s clear the issue cannot be resolved either remotely through repeated conversations with the support desk, nor through “arranging a technician” because they don’t turn up to scheduled appointments. Don’t call. Don’t acknowledge there is an issue which can only be managed by a visit & thus effectively makes me think the only solution is to change broadband provider because this is a complete joke. 

Why book a technician & send us an SMS to state they’ll be here between 12-4pm and then have no one turn up. No one call. Nothing. 

When I then call to ask what happened I am promised someone will call in the next hour. 

No one called. 

I can only assume Virgin is apathetic at best, at worst does not want to help nor want our business. Being lied to twice in a week when I & my partner work from home full time (she running a charity for goodness sake) is galling. 

If anyone on this site can do anything, like Andrew Marr, I’m all ears. 



If you are unable to reach the Hub 5 at   disable VPN / Apple Relay / Android DNS changers and try again.

You don't mention why the WI-Fi drops out or for how long ...

Is it the Hub that is loosing connection to VM and the drop out is associated with a changes of front panel lights, check the Hub signal levels on the Upstream & Downstream tabs.

Is it the Wi-Fi signal is too week and the Hub too far away for a stable service.

Is the the laptop that has an power saving policy that repeatedly puts the Wi-Fi adaptor to sleep.  

Is it a mobile phone both apple and android kit can revert to mobile data depending on their configuration. 

Correction - I can reach the hub when the wifi comes back on but I would've thought I should be able to log into it at all times to check the status? It simply doesn't allow any connection when the signal drops. 

I don't know why the wifi drops - that's the crux of my support request. There is no reason, it's just gradually got worse, from intermittent over a day to every 5-10mins now, it shows the SSID available & then goes. Allows me onto my network & the drops & loses all connection to the point of not being able to reach the IP address to get to the hub above.

The light on the front is always a solid white. The Downstream & Upstream are in spoilers below:


3.0 Upstream channels

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) Symbol Rate (ksps) Modulation Channel ID
04960000045.35120QAM 641
14310000045.55120QAM 642
23660000044.85120QAM 643
33010000046.85120QAM 644
423600000455120QAM 645

3.0 Upstream channels

Channel Channel Type T1 Timeouts T2 Timeouts T3 Timeouts T4 Timeouts

3.1 Upstream channels

Channel Channel Width (MHz) Power (dBmV) FFT Type Modulation
710.439.72KQAM 256

3.1 Upstream channels

Channel Channel Type Number of Active Subcarriers First Active Subcarrier (Hz) T3 Timeouts T4 Timeouts



Channel Width (MHz)

FFT Type

Number of Active Subcarriers

Modulation (Active Profile)

First Active Subcarrier (Hz)





QAM 4096


3.1 Downstream channels

Channel ID

Locked Status

RxMER Data (dB)

PLC Power (dBmV)

Corrected errors (Active Profile)

Uncorrectable errors (Active Profile)








I am sat 6 feet from the hub 5. 

All devices are disconnected, nothing is putting anything to sleep. My drops, my laptop drops, my TV drops, I've got Google devices that were on a mesh previously but have reset the Hub & is now in router mode on the same SSID & they all lose internet connection. 

The Virgin support desk this morning told me they are now able to see a fault at the property. Surreal that this development has happened when I've called 3 times before & this wasn't evident. It would have been especially helpful to have had the scheduled technician visit yesterday rather than them simply decide not to turn up & not notify me. 

In a nutshell, this is getting me to the point of looking for alternate providers. It's clear Virgin do not prioritise customer service, maintaining service for people who are reliant upon a good quality internet connection due to home working & simply make you run around in circles to avoid fulfilling their contractual obligations. 

No other company does this. 

Thanks for the response, appreciate but I don't think it has helped shine a light on either the fault or the service from Virgin.

There is no VPN in play - the Hub 5 is in router mode now, was previously in modem for Google mesh but I factory reset both that system & the router & set it back to router. Never have had VPN in place. 

I don't know why the wifi drops - that's the crux of the support issue. I lose all connectivity, to the point at which the SSID disappears & then re-appears a minute later, however the white light on the front of the Hub stays solid the entire time. This has got progressively worse in the last week, to the point at which it is now unusable for more than a minute or two today & constantly drops. 

I am sat less than 10 feet from the router now. Every device in the house loses connection, Apple phones, my work laptop, Samsung TV, Google speaks / display, Apple macbook etc. I am safe in the knowledge it is not a device causing the issue. Nothing is putting the service to sleep.

This has been a relatively solid service for the last 18 months (after taking nearly 4 months to actually get installed despite booking it 6 weeks in advance of moving - a shambles of the highest order to start). 

I spoke to the support team again this morning to see if they are sending the technician after the no show & no contact, I'm still honestly not sure if they are or if they are palming me off with saying there is a fault but it will be managed by a visit from engineers to the street. Communication is poor at best, nothing written to surmise the ongoing issue is ever sent out after.

If anyone from Virgin could contact me directly to 100% confirm a technician is booked and visiting it would be much appreciated.


"the SSID disappears & then re-appears a minute later"

This behaviour is common when the VM Hub has Smart Wi-Fi aka Wireless Channel Optimisation enabled and / or as Auto Channels selected on 2.4 & 5 GHz bands.   We have both disabled & do not have Wi-Fi dropouts.

Hey @Dissolved,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you have been having this issue I would like to go about resolving this with you, for me to do so I will need to confirm  some information from you in a private message.