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What are the APN settings for a Samsung S10e

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This follows on from:

but that post won't allow me to reply.  I'm trying here because I'm fed up with going round in circles with Virgin's artificial (un)intelligent dumb-bot.

I'm in Italy now and can't get mobile data.  I've isolated it to APN settings: somehow all mine got blown away when I got here and I can't reset them.  Texting ALL to 789922 (as recommended by Virgin) doesn't get a response.  I tried those recommended by @teabag in aforementioned link - but when I try to save them it says 'Access Point Names are not available for this user'  I've tried all possible variants - 38 for Virgin and 02, 10 and 11 for O2, but none work (country code 234 for the UK).  I've got 'use mobile data if not connected to wi-fi' set - and even if I've also set 'data roaming' it still doesn't work.

Wi-fi works fine with this phone, and I'm using the hotel's wi-fi to send this.  I can also get mobile data (but only if data roaming is also set) with my backup dumb phone's Tesco SIM, so it's definitely an issue with Virgin.

I've had similar problems abroad with Virgin before:  I couldn't get anything at all (no phone or text at all) in the Isle of Man 3 years ago, and I had to put my Virgin SIM in my old Nokia 3330 to make it work in France last year.  So Virgin is going to have to come up with a solution PDQ or I'll go to Tesco as soon as I get back to the UK.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Stevegs 👋 Welcome back to community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear about these issues with your APN settings whilst abroad, and difficulties getting it sorted. Have you tried looking through the help guide here and following the steps advised to get set up? 👉 j2923-apn-settings-help-guide.pdf (

You can also find more information about using your phone whilst abroad here 👉 Using Virgin Mobile Abroad | Virgin Media Help

Let us know how you get on so we can offer further support if needed! Thank you for your patience in the meantime, hope you are having a lovely time in Italy! 
All the best 🌞


This doesn't work - it's T-Mobile.  I'm certain mine was set to  Thx for trying...

Hi Molly,  Back in UK and guess what - all APN settings came back as soon as Eurostar left the channel tunnel.  So I was without internet abroad unless I could use hotel WiFi.  I tried both your suggestions but nothing worked in France or Italy.  Obviously I can't check the new settings will now work until I next go abroad. I know Tesco's do, so I'm going to change when I get home.  To recap: texts to 789922 don't work; Virgin doesn't work at all in the Isle of Man, and last time I went to France I had to put my SIM in my old Nokia 3330 to make it work there.  Can't say about Tesco in the IoM but their SIM worked fine in France both times.  Could it be anything to do with Virgin's brief association with Vodafone?

Hi @stevegs 


Thanks for your response


Great to hear the device is now working - be sure to keep us updated how you get on if the issue continues next time you find yourself abroad. My apologies for any inconvenience this may of caused



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