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WfH cannot access Citrix

Hello, my husband is WfH today, he cannot connect with his work. He has tried on more than one machine.  The WiFi is fine (and has been reset), and there are no problems at his work (Citrix). Any ideas please? 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: WfH cannot access Citrix

Try with a Cat 5E / 6 ethernet cable connection.


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Re: WfH cannot access Citrix

I suspect that Citrix is being used as an alternative, but does your husband have access to a work-provided VPN?  If so, connect to that and try again.

This could be problem with VMs transparent proxies - an easy way to find out would be to use a VPN. If your husband accesses citrix using a web browser, try Opera and enable its built-in VPN. If he's using Citrix receiver, then you'll need a VPN that routes all traffic, rather than just that of the web browser.. if there isn't a work provided one then there are paid options out there but I'm not sure of any free ones (and you'd want to test it all works before signing up for any sort of paid service).