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Week 5 - Virgin Broadband Service Unusable in SS2 for Teachers to Educate Children

For the 5th week running Virgin Broadband Service is unusable in SS2 for Teachers to Educate Children.

From same location, I am using my EE data on a Galaxy A40 phone to teach 30 kids, 5 lessons a day using Ms Teams with consistent download and upload speeds (15-20 Mbps for download and 5-10 Mbps upload) 

Variation for Virgin Broadband upload (0 - 20 Mbps) and download (0 - 175Mbps) has been extreme throughout each day. 

Further, for 10 minutes between midnight and 1 am my Virgin Broadband service has been turned off daily without notice for the last 4 weeks.

I have managed IT Infrastructure Change programmes for over 20 years and fully appreciate that upgrade and maintenance windows are required. It is an industry standard to use a Change Management process to communicate maintenance and upgrades to customers to enable them to plan around known outages and disruptions.

I'm onboard with Virgin Changes but like many folk I will not be able to continue with a broadband service as unpredictable as the one that Virgin is currently supplying to me.

Please update your customers on a regular basis with timelines of change or hear the jingle jangle of cash as they walk away to more reliable suppliers.









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