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Weak wifi signal since Virgin changed my wifi channels

Since Virgin’s intelligent technology detected a wifi congestion in my home and switched wifi channels on my hub3 I can no longer get a signal in part of my bungalow. How can I remedy this? Also it is now impossible to play music or radio on Alexa as she just keeps stopping and not responding. Surely in this day and age and what fees I pay for VM I should get better coverage?

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Re: Weak wifi signal since Virgin changed my wifi channels

Hi Gertie58,

The following applies to the hub3.

Open a browser and log into your hub - then navigate to the following settings so you can differentiate between the signals.

Advanced Settings > Wireless > Wireless Signal > click on Disable Channel Optimization 

Then next to the Channel sections for 2.4Ghz  and 5Ghz on the same screen click on Manual then scroll down and  click on Apply Changes. 

If you know the channels you used to be on then you can set  them on that screen by just changing the channel numbers.

However, if you don't know perform then a search for an app such as wifi analyzer which tells you the strength of the channel you are connected on, and also shows other channels so you can decide which  channel number you want to connect to on your hub.

Don't forget to click on Apply Changes once finished.

Picture of the screen where you make the changesPicture of the screen where you make the changes


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