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WPS Error

I am having issues connecting my HUB 3 to any device using the WPS function. Mainly my printer.

Initially I thought the issue was y printer. I have reset the printer to factory settings, re-installed the software, updated the driver software and still nothing. I can connect to it through the wireless function on my phone so I have proved that it is working as it should be.

I cannot connect any other device to the HUB 3 using the WPS button. I have even logged into my router directly via and turned on the WPS by clicking the add client button and it still does not work. I have reset the router, switched it on and off several times and still cannot solve it.

I have just ran the diagnostic and it has come up with a 'WPS error' under my HUB status. Please see pic below.

Any ideas how I can rectify this or is a new router required? I have had the HUB less than a month.

annoying.WPS Error messageWPS Error message

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Re: WPS Error


Images will need to be approved and can take several hrs once approved to show.

Regards Mike

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