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WIFI slow, Ethernet fast


Been using Virgin Media internet for years now. Recently upgraded to new router as WIFI was always going off. New router is fine for ethernet but WIFI is incredibly slow and unreliable. Old router used to have 2g option and a 5g option but this only has 1 wifi option to connect to.

Is there anything I can do to change how the WIFI behaves because even two rooms away on the same floor it is always lagging/buffering.

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Re: WIFI slow, Ethernet fast

the hub is a dreadful wifi router.. you may find that splitting the bands helps though - it does for some /shrug.

log into the hub at and navigate to advanced -> wireless -> smart wifi - disable Channel Optimisation, save.

then advanced -> wireless and rename the two wifi networks to whatever you like (maybe just append a _2 and _5 to the 2.4 and 5ghz networks respectively) apply/save and reboot and you should be back to the configuration you had previously with two networks showing..

whether or not this will have any meaningful impact on the quality of your connections I can't say.. 

if it doesn't, then you might want to consider investing in your own third party router that better meets your needs.

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Re: WIFI slow, Ethernet fast

All SH have useless WIFI.

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