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WIFI pods and Hub 5

Fibre optic

Any news on if these are working ok together and when the non trial customers will be able to use them together or if VM are going to release different pods / wifi extenders?


Alessandro Volta
Why? you only complain that the pods are not WiFi6 I don't see it happening.

When have i complained @legacy1? I will answer that for you! Never!!! I have mentioned or asked if VM have got wifi6 pods in the offing which is completely different.

Hi @bitsandpcs,

Thank you for your posts and welcome back to our community forums.

As has been advised in this thread, along with the link provided earlier with more details, at the moment the Wi-Fi Pods are not compatible with the Hub 5. However, a PowerLine Booster can be used instead if needed.

Let us know if there's anything more we can help you with.


Zach - Forum Team
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Hi there,

I wasn't getting the 1GB speeds that I pay for from the Hub4, and so last weekend I was upgraded to the Hub5. I previously used the WiFi pods for the black spots in my house, but now they are no longer compatible with the Hub5. Is there any further update yet on when these are likely to be compatible or when a replacement device will be introduced? My father has a VirginMedia Powerline system in place for the blackspot in his house (for use with his Hub5). Are these still available as an immediate workaround?

Many Thanks


Jamie around 100 members of the public have been testing the pods with a hub 5 for around about a week now, which means they must be compatible, hopefully its just a matter of time now hopefully before VM will added them to our accounts again so they become working again.


I spoke with VM technical support yesterday (1/9/22) and they informed me that they now have some hub5 compatible wifi pods (as of yesterday).

This requires me to return the existing 3 that I have, and for them to send out new ones. 

Has anybody been told the same / received the replacement wifi pods?

Didn't know this, so if you send your old pods back they are going to replace them with ones that work with a hub 5?

I guess in a way not making a good wifi on the hub with added pods works out cheaper then having the hub with good wifi only for some (would like to say most) to be put into modem mode.