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WIFI issues

So for a while now I have been having issues with WIFI which have gotten worse. Used to be a reboot of the superhub would sort it out but recently the 5GHZ has stopped working, even a reset did not solve the problem. Basically every time you try and use it you get various error messages like "connected no internet" or "password may be incorrect" and just constant connecting and disconnecting. Everything will connect fine on 2.4GHZ which gives me about 50mb download speed which is plenty good enough for what I need so I went into the superhub settings and disabled the 5GHZ signal 

For some reason though it randomly keeps turning itself back on which you only know about when you suddenly start getting connection errors again. When I log into the superhub settings the 5GHZ is enabled along with the crap smart WIFI. It's done this twice now, any ideas why this would be happening ? is there some kind of software update or something being pushed to the hub which causes it to turn it back on? is there any way of somehow disabling 5GHZ permanantley ?

Ultimatley I guess I will need a new superhub at some point but I can live with only have 2.4GHZ I just don't want to have to keep going in and turning off the non working 5GHZ

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Re: WIFI issues

Personally I would recommend just ringing Virgin Media Customer Support and asking for a new hub to be sent out

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