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WIFI Very poor Hub 3

Tuning in

Have put up with this issue for sooooo long, but watching Prime TV is (mostly) fine, but forget connecting mobile phone. It's painfully slow, and so much faster on Mobile Network. I think The Amazon devices are on 5ghz, and think phone must be on 2.4ghz. It's not related to location as can be right next to Hub and still very poor signal. Internet connectivity test is high, so definitely WiFi issue. Any ideas? 



1) Disable Wireless Channel Optimization
2) Disable Auto Channel selection on both 2.4 and 5Ghz
3) Enable 2.4Ghz as N mode only  ( discarding B/G which is for pre 2006 kit )
4) Enable 5 Ghz as N/AC ( discarding  A which is 20+ years old )

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey Wroebots74.

Thanks for your post on our help forums and welcome back to the community, sorry to hear you're having trouble with connecting your mobile device to the Wi Fi and the poor connection on it while it's been confirmed that on all other devices this is not an issue.

Since you mentioned the 2G and 5G this would potentially explain things - 2G is slow but more reliable (when far from hub) however 5G is fast but the signal weakens the farther from the hub you move.

From what you've advised we'd assume the issue is device related where the handset cannot go on the 5G band and get the full speed due to this, can you please tell us if the advice from Client62 above has helped and have you followed the steps above to see if this resolves the problem?

Also, do you know if your handset is capable of joining 5G or could it be an older model that does not support this?

Let us know where you are with this and if you're still having issues with this device since your last post here, we'll be eager to assist.

Forum Team

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Hi both. Just saw these two replies. I will give this a go on Wed when home. I take it these settings are found in the Hub page when you log in to192.168.0.1?

Thanks for the help to date. Will update shortly 🙂 

That's correct Wroebots74, use the IP address in the address bar of any browser and it will prompt you for the settings password which can be located on sticker on the back or base of your Hub.