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I have just moved into a new house 6 weeks now I transferred my service been with virgin 5 years .  Anyhow our house has 3 floors and since we been installed we have no Wi-Fi downstairs the bottom floor daughters bedrooms .. I am fuming there is no connection whatsoever and they’re now saying I need to get there boosters extra £8 or goto a deal whereby I have to sign up to 02? Which I feel bribed as I don’t want to open and account with 02 nor do I want to pay for boosters 



VM Pod rental is to be avoided, they are a poor value product  and they are locked to one VM Hub.

Supply your own Wireless Mesh system and you will have a system that can be used with any ISP.

Alessandro Volta

VM sell you on the hubs wifi only in the same room.

So if you don't want the pods use modem mode on the hub and get your own wifi router with 1Gb ports


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

In a 3 floor dwelling I would not recommend a WiFi mesh system. With a mesh system to get WiFi to all floor the signal would at least have to go through 3 units and you would not get a very strong signal. My recommendation is to invest in some WiFi access points, Ethernet cabled back to the hub or you own router. This would give you excellent WiFi everywhere. This is the system I have and even get very good WiFi right to the end of my garden. 

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Forum Team (Retired)

Hi YM7, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


Sorry to hear you are having an issue with your Wi-Fi connection.


There are so many things that can influence a Wi-Fi connection some of which include but are not limited to, a fish tank being in the same room, walls being built with concrete instead of brick, it could even be that your next-door neighbour’s router is interfering with yours. Please have a look here:


The Hub's location could also be causing the coverage problem, so we do need to check the positioning of it. Can you please ensure the following


Out in the open

Next to the TV not behind it

Away from large bodies of water (e.g., fish tanks)

Away from baby monitors and cordless phones

Away from microwaves


Think of the Hub as a radio, and WiFi as the sound - the further away you are from the radio, or the more obstacles that are in the way (walls, electronic devices etc.), the quieter the radio & the poorer the WiFi.


If that doesn't help, if you have the Hub 3, you can download our Connect App which will allow you to scan areas of your home and will offer help. You can view more information on that here: