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WFH using VPN:Zscaler

Tuning in

Hi all. 

I've been with Virgin over 3 years and for the last 4 weeks each time whilst working from home my connection has been dropping whilst using my work laptop. The speed connection drops so much that my entire laptop is lagging so much that I'm unable to use any of the systems/e-mail properly. 

This is only affecting my work laptop device at home which is using Zscaler and I have no issues with my work laptop when using it at work in the office. When the connection drops massively at home, iI have tried using a cable to plug directly into the router which makes no difference. My personal laptop, mobile etc seem to have no issues at home.

My work IT have advised that Zscaler is being blocked/restricted by Virgin and should be "Whitelisted". I have been going back and forth with Virgin but currently do not have a solution. 

Has anyone else experienced this issues and how was it resolved please ? 




Alessandro Volta

@RR2023 wrote:
  • Sorry do you mean using another router being plugged into virgin router when it's in modem mode ?

No need for a router just connect a PC and see if that works before getting a router


Are you able to advise which router you are using whichi is connected into the virgin router in modem mode ?

Alessandro Volta

I have many the newest I have is a Zyxel USG FLEX 200 but then you need a AP for wifi or just get any home router like Zyxel Armor G5 or ASUS RT-AX53U with switch if needed support is much better then VM with VM only needing to accept DHCP, ARP and all traffic going in to hub out to the internet and incoming traffic out the ethernet port with the exception of some port blocks in modem mode.


Tuning in

Hey RR,

I am having this exact issue as well which is rendering my work laptop unusable. I was using an Eero mesh set up and thought this was the culprit but even turning this off and going back to using the VM hub hasn’t fixed the issue so, from your experience I assume it’s an issue with how VM handles zScaler.


Did you ever find a fix?


Joining in

I am also having the exact same issue with Virgin broadband whilst I had no issue with Sky.  I have had my work IT look at it but they are unable to fix it yet.  It makes wfh very trying.  Surely Virgin could do something about compatibility with zscaler.  I have also tried ethernet into a virgin hub spot.  I am not IT savvy so anything beyond plugging or turning off is beyond me!


Alessandro Volta

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