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Vodafone Sure Signal

My Vodafone Sure Signal stopped working a few months back and Vodafone are convinced the issue is on Virgin's side.  Has anyone had any issues similar and been able to resolve?

Vodafone claim that IPSec is being blocked at the Firewall level and/or IPSec packets are being fragmented in transit.  I don't see how this suddenly would have started happening though.

I have re-set both the router and the Sure Signal back to Factor Settings but the problem still persists, it cannot even obtain an Internet connection on the SS.

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Re: Vodafone Sure Signal

Same issue here, stopped working a few months ago. From speaking to Vodafone they advise I need to request a static IP from bb provider. I've been with virgin over 2 years and never needed this all the time with the SS working fine. Just spoke to virgin and they advise I can only get a static IP if I have a business account?

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Re: Vodafone Sure Signal

Vodafone are talking nonsense if they are saying you would need a static IP.
almost no consumer ISPs offer static IP addresses, Vodafone even don't offer it !
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Re: Vodafone Sure Signal

Hi reocoaker,


Welcome to the forums, I am sorry to see you have been having trouble with your connection. We don't offer static IPs apologies for this.


I have taken a look and your modem SNR is on the low side which can cause connection issues. I would like to get an engineer out to take a look at this for you.


I will pop you a Pm to get this arranged. Keep an eye out for the Purple Envelope top right hand corner.


Speak to you soon.




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