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Vivid 100 speed per device


Superhub3 user on vivid 100

I get 100 mbs on a speed test but 12mbs when on usenet via an ethernet (which is perfectly fine) and these are fairly constant.

Some of my housemates are reporting connectivity issues with their Wifi and are blaming too many users being on. I'm not sure where i read this but I was under the assumption that each device was limited to 10mbs. Is this the case, my argument was that it would need 10 devices all pulling 10 mbs before the network was impacted. 

As it is there are 3 Ethernet devices and 8 WiFi devices connected, but most of these are phones /sound systems/etc. so won't be pulling much bandwidth and won't all be in use at the same time. There are only 4 of us in the house. 

There are only going to be 4 PCs on the network at any given time, Worse case scenario 3 of which might be streaming on WiFi and one downloading of usnet via Ethernet

1) is there a limit per device?

Presumably those on wifi would be limited to 4.5mbs on 2.4 ghz or 13mbs on 5 ghz anyway.

2) Is there an issue with the total number of devices the super hub can handle even if they aren't pulling much data (i.e phones receiving notification etc)










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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Vivid 100 speed per device

Each device isn't limited to 10mb, one device could use the whole 100.

It's also possible to saturate the upload speed

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Re: Vivid 100 speed per device

There isn't any QoS limiting speed options on the hubs, just 1 device could soak up all the bandwidth.. You could put hub into modem mode and use a 3rd party router with advanced QoS

As for wireless speed depends on so many factors, as for number of devices hub could support 253 possible devices 

 Just to add a lot of the community recommend an Asus rt68ac, netgear night hawk, tplink archer7 

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Re: Vivid 100 speed per device

Club together and buy yourselves a decent new wifi router or access point.  Good ones of either can be had for £70-100.  One with good QoS will allow you to partition the signal for devices or operations - although you may not need it.

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Forum Team (Retired) Emma_E
Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: Vivid 100 speed per device

Hi randybaton,


Thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry to see you have had trouble with your connection.


I have taken a look and things seem to be ok from this side bar some occasional FECS that we may need to monitor. It may help to try the following so we can rule some things out:


Pop the hub into Modem Mode with the computer in Safe Mode with Networking at different times of the day.


Try on separate devices.


Check Ethernet cable. Make sure it is new / up to date. (Cat 5e or above).


Make sure device is capable of agreed speed.


Check wireless card slide.


Take care.




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