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Virgin mobile broadband

Tuning in

So virgin offer some sort of mobile broadband, while I’m waiting for my install that seems to be getting Canceled on a regular basis? Even if it’s thru O2


Alessandro Volta

You'd do best to stick to your original topic about your delayed installation rather than posting new queries. It keeps all of the info/answers/evidence of your issue in one place.

It has been mentioned in the past on here that VM only provides a mobile dongle when they expect a delay of 8+ weeks.

Those who have received a mobile device from VM while waiting often report that it was hard to get hold of and didn't work brilliantly well when they did receive it.

Consider looking at some of the monthly unlimited data SIM packages available on a rolling monthly contract to keep you going while you wait.

You should be eligible for compensation for a delayed installation which should help offset any cost of a temporary mobile connection.