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Virgin are refusing to put credit on my account after being told they would?!

Tuning in

So, to start this off my partner works from home and she relies on having good internet, back on the 14th of June I received a message from her saying the internet at home has gone down, she reset the router and done the other tests and still nothing was working.

I went on the WhatsApp chat and finally got through to someone who said there were issues in my area and it would be fixed within 48 hours, this wasn’t good for my partner as she had to find somewhere else to work as her head office is in Derby and we live in Luton.

It now comes to the Friday and there still isn’t any internet, I contact Virgin again on the live chat, only to be told their engineers are working on it and it will be fixed on Monday but I will be put in for £8 per day while the internet is down with their auto compensation.

Now this goes on and on for the next week with them pushing back the date every time I contact them, now it gets to the 23rd and the adviser says they’ll send an engineer out to look at our box, but he can’t come till the 26th, he comes, runs some basic tests and says he can see that there isn’t any internet coming to our property and will come back on Wednesday to run some more tests on our box in the wall.

Wednesday comes along, my partner books the day off work as she needs the sorted, she waits in and we get no call all morning, I contact Virgin and the engineer didn’t book the appointment in properly, we have some back and forth and the adviser books someone for Friday to come in and said they will apply a £29 credit on top of the £8 a day for the internet being down.

Now its Friday the 30th and the engineer has a look at our box in the wall and said it looks fine, so he now goes and checks the box outside and then tells us that the previous engineer didn’t plug us back in when doing the repairs, he plugged us in and got it all working again.

I spoke to customer service again after this, advised them it was working and went over the credit, they advised that the £29 is already on the account and the auto compensation will give me £8 per day for the 18 days I was without internet.

Now comes today when I get my monthly bill of £49 with no credit, I go straight back to live chat and they say my compensation has been rejected but they won’t give a reason why?!

I’m currently waiting for a supervisor to contact me, but if that doesn’t go well, anyone know what other options I can take?


Alessandro Volta

There are plenty of topics on here where VM tries to dodge the compensation or pay out lesser amounts. Details are everything in working out what you may/may not be due

General comments would be that to start the auto compensation clock ticking you have to either phone in or use one of VM's automated tests via 'My Virgin Media'.

Footnotes at the bottom of the link below advise the compensation will not be paid if reported via other means (although live chat and WhatsApp are not mentioned as being disqualified)

so that might be the first dodge VM may try.

Once the VM tech had been out the justification to pay up becomes a bit more solid

If you have a chat log recorded saying you would be paid the compo that may help.

Your next step would be a formal complaint to VM

a required step before you can go to arbitration

Interestingly, it has been reported on the forum today that VM is under investigation by OFCOM for its complaints handling processes so you could see how your VM complaint goes and keep OFCOM in mind if you are not satisfied with the complaint handling

Tuning in

It seems like I might have to go to the Ombudsman, just spoke to them on the phone and they offered £24 as compensation for all the issues I have had instead of what was previously agreed 😂

Absolute joke of a company!

Yes it does look like you will, unless, of course a member of the forum team, yet again, intercedes and save the company from yet another expensive outcome?

Of course, if you do have to escalate this to the Ombudsman, you will, naturally, add an additional £50 extra to your claim, for the inconvenience, poor complaint handling etc. won’t you? Oh and do go onto OFCOM’s website and make a complaint there. VM are already facing an official investigation as to their complaint handling, so some extra evidence won’t go amiss.

Oh I will be adding additional compensation ontop, this is honestly ridiculous, how can a company this big be this bad and lie to their own customers, I have all the messages and proof from the live chat on my whatsapp but they still refuse to honor it.