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Virgin WiFi no longer works after power surge

Tuning in

Seems to be a common issue with Virgin when googling, after a power surge there is no way to get he WiFi back and to top it off Virgin are charging us to have a technician come out, in two days time. 

Noticed other people in the community have this issue but cannot find a solution!

Little help please 👋



Press the rear RESET button for 60 seconds and then leave the Hub to revert to the factory settings, it may take some time to complete the process.

VM do not charge for an engineer visit to replace a failed / defective Hub.

Unfortunately the reset button isn’t working. 

So basically I’ve used the reset button and box/hub/tower doesn’t change, light remains on and white and can’t be found as a network, this has been the case for 5+ hours.

Switching off and on again also seems to do nothing.


Tuning in

Update: power surge resulted in a complete fault with the box and it was replaced by the engineer. This apparently happens all the time. 
I’ve got a message to say you’re sending out an engineer tomorrow, please don’t send another one. 


Hub 4s are by a country mile the worst for instantly failing when the electricity is turned off for home maintenance or suffers a local power outage.

Hi Tasha4, 

Thanks for notifying us of this engineer visit that's no longer needed, you can cancel this yourself on your Online Account

However, if you find you're having issues with this, please let us know and we can do it for you on our side within a private message.