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Virgin Plus Wi-Fii

I’ve managed to secure two of the new Plume based mesh Wi-Fi devices. After setting them up, the initial speed was impressive. Boasting 800mbps locally to my wired NAS drive. Connection via Sam Knows was around 700mbps  on a busy network (1 gig package), so I was happy with that! 

I’m currently monitoring intermittent drops in speed as these so seems to happen quite frequently. It may be the environment so will keep an eye on this.

My main concern about the setup is that fact I believe it to not be a true ‘mesh Wi-Fi’. The reason is because if I am on Skype and move around the house, when it moves to one of the Plume devices, the call drops for a couple of seconds.

My previous BT Whole Home system was seamless when moving around but peak bandwidth was lower. I was hoping I could have the best of both worlds. 

I’d appreciate if anyone has experience this scenario about it not being a seamless transition. Or people who have not had this issue may want to share their approach/ideas.

Thanks in advance 


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