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Virgin Media having issues with googles DNS?

On our wavelength

Hello first time here sorry if this isn't the right place to ask questions.

I'll just get right to the point since Virgin Media forced the new firmware update to the hub 4 my internet as been slow loading pages. So I've done all the usual tricks, reboots, hard resets, the whole nine yards. So I decided to do some command prompt ping tests and I've noticed I'm dropping around 5% packets to googles primary DNS server. I've never had a packet loss issue before. Now from my understanding if it was my internet in general, I would drop packets to everything but I don't just googles primary one.

Pages can take 30 seconds to loads, streams will buffer unless I refresh a few times. My internet is super sluggish. Speed tests show my full speed its super weird behaviour. Is it possible that Virgin Media are having communication issues with googles primary DNS? Changing my DNS servers doesn't do anything and it's the same on 3 different PC's same goes for wired or wireless.


So like I said a little higher up this post the subject title isn't correct for this post anymore. It turns out this isn't a google DNS issue, but rather a bigger issue affecting my broadband as a whole. I've just done a ping test to , and Virgin Media's DNS and these are the results. But according to checks on my broadband they see no issues. The funny thing is when I first made this post I was dropping packets to googles DNS but not anymore.

google dns test.JPGpacket loss DNS packet loss.JPG

Cave troglodytas ?