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Virgin Media F-Secure Recovery Codes

Tuning in

I've had F- Secure since it was first offered, at some time I was given 20 Recovery codes. This list has lasted for three years, using each code when requested to enter one. These (20) has just run out. How do I get New Codes?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Dave1522.

Thanks for your question and welcome to our Forums.

Can you please try this and let us know if that helps.

Sign in to F-Secure KEY on your mobile device. Go to Menu > Settings. Tap Create Recovery Code, and enter your Master Password and tap Confirm. The recovery code image is automatically created.


Joining in

Hello there

I have F-secure safe and was only given 20 codes back in 2020 however as I am moving one licence I attempted to log on but it is asking for code 21.

There is no code 21 and I can not log in to generate a new code.

Contacted F-secure direct they said they can not help as a VM customer and they are Virgin Safe codes.

Any advice?

Hi Gri2022, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that you are having issues with this. 

We do not hold recovery codes for F - secure as it is a 3rd party company. 

It looks like this is to o with the subscription, can you give them another call so that this can become resolved?

Kind regards, Chris.