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Virgin Media Connect App

Hello everyone,

I recently downloaded the, 'Virgin media Connect App' and scanned some rooms in my house, left the device in that room which hI was scanning and found a blackspot. I've ordered a boost and it is on the way, that's all good.

However, when I go to where my devices are showing in the app I have a orange triangle, exclamation mark and press the hub. It then says, there seems to be a problem, we need to reboot your hub. That happens, goes through it's process and then I get the error message,

'Somethings not right. It looks like someone else is signed into the settings area of your hub.'

I've turned it off at the base of the router, off at the plug and left for quite some time and turned back on. I've even reset the router back to factory settings as well.

It's only myself in the household and no one else has signed in so I'm unsure with what's going on? It's affecting my speed, that's gone quite slow. I'm using it on an iPhone X with iOS and latest app and software updates for phone and app.

Any advice would be great. I have spoken to Virgin media support but they were unsure too

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Re: Virgin Media Connect App

Uninstall the app and forget about it.

Use the Hub GUI at to access the Hub settings.


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