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Virgin Hub 3 Modem & Asus RT-AX88U Issues

Hi Everyone,

Hope someone can help out please!

So here's the story so far.....

  • After suffering for years with Sky broadband and putting up with a teenager constantly complaining about WiFi connection issues I decided to get Virgin installed (Hub 3.0 Router) and after reading numerous horror stories about vigin wifi problems I bought an Asus RT-AX88U router with the intention of putting the Hub 3.0 into modem mode and having the asus as our router.
  • I followed all instructions on how to set this up but still can't get the Asus router to work, all lights are lit up white on the Asus apart from the Internet light which is red!
  • I'm not stupid when it comes to technology, but this has got the better of me! Can anyone out there provide me with step by step clear idiot proof instructions on how to set up a 3rd party router with the Hub 3.0 in modem mode before I tear out what grey hair I have left please! Also when I did get on the Asus set up page there was no option to choose DHCP!

Kind regards Simon.



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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Virgin Hub 3 Modem & Asus RT-AX88U Issues

Get modem mode working with a PC to the hub then login to the Asus router and find the MAC clone option to copy the PC you had working to the router then connect router to hub.

or with the hub in modem mode power off for 2mins and with the router powered on with the hub powered up connect to two together.

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