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Virgin Hub 3 - Can I create MESH network?

First post so here goes...

Current WIFI in house is OOmp bundle.
But suffer massively with dead spots around house to the point I bough 3 TPLink extenders but they all have their own name for connection (IE: Bedroom, Back Room, Kitchen)

I have heard of MESH systems, which means as we move between rooms, we don't need to keep switching manually to the extenders (Which is a pain!) by room type, but the extenders have MESH capability, but the set-up states the Virgin hub 3 doesn't support MESH.

Anyone know of a way to boost WIFI in these deadspots some other way without need for all the different networks to join manually?

Some say turn the Virgin 3 hub into a MODEM mode then buy a supported MESH router? Anyone done this and recommend any from Amazon?


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Virgin Hub 3 - Can I create MESH network?

Why extenders did you get?

You’ll need a compatible TP-Link router to utilise the mesh system the extenders offer. 

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Re: Virgin Hub 3 - Can I create MESH network?

Just put the sh3 in modem mode and get the asus xt8 pair £399 currys amazon are oos job done

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