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Virgin Hub 3.0 - 'incorrect password' message connecting to WiFi after 150Mbps upgrade.

Hi all - new to the board so please bear with me. Smiley Happy

I've had a Virgin Hub 3 (VMDG505 / TG2492LG-VM) for about a month now and just last week opted for the 150Mbps upgrade, which kicked in yesterday.

Oh boy, since then I've had massive issues connecting phones, ipad, and consoles to the router as it keeps saying there's either 'no internet connection' or 'incorrect password' when the device already has the password stored.

I've done factory reset several times and it's worked for one phone and intermittently on my Xbox but the other phones, ipad and consoles aren't interested. Luckily I have a wired connection from the router to my laptop when I work at home (like now)

I am dependent on the internet for my work, so this disruption is worrying me!

Any ideas on what I can do would be appreciated. I've already seen plenty of people having issues with the Hub 2 in these circumstances but not so much for my hub, so some light on the subject would be much appreciated, Smiley Happy

All the best, 


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Re: Virgin Hub 3.0 - 'incorrect password' message connecting to WiFi after 150Mbps upgrade.

Thanks for posting Al,


Welcome to the Community! Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear about the fault experienced.


I've located your account and there does appear to be an issue with the equipment upstream power levels.


I'd like to arrange an engineer visit for this.


I've sent you a private message so that we can get this booked in.


Speak soon,



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