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Virgin GIG1 Hub5 Needed

Tuning in

Hi there, I've been with Virgin Media or Blueyonder for broadband for getting on for 20 years, I've always been happy with their service but I've been on GIG1 since it first came out and have been offered a Hub5 so many times, I even had time off work to wait in for one to be delivered but that never turned up.

Would it be possible to be a Hub5 sent out as I can't get the full speed I pay for without the the 2.5gig port on the Hub5 also I have quite a few WIFI 6 devices too.

Thank you for the help, Kind regards Mr Hawkes


Tuning in

What hub do you have currently?

Volt Gig1 - Hub5
Helping out here and there...

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @en3rmax thanks for your post here in the Community although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

Customers on the 1GB package are eligible for either the Hub 4 or Hub 5 but both Hubs are capable of receiving the 1GB speeds.

If you are on the Hub 4, it wouldn't be possible to swap to the Hub 5 on this occasion but please keep an eye on your emails because if any upgrades to the Hub 5 are offered, we'll firstly offer it there as an invitation.

We hope this helps.

Many thanks


Hi Tom_W1 , Thank you for the reply, sorry for the delay I've been working out of town, I don't think this is acceptable really to get the full speed I pay for I need the hub 5 with the 2.5 gigabit port on it, I have recently wired my whole house with cat6a which is capable of up to 10 gigabit, I've been with Virgin Media for broadband for pretty much 20 years with no problems and they have always upgrade my hub to the latest version, I'm out of my contract now and pay my bill on a rolling monthly basis, I've been looking in to different providers for gigabit broadband if I don't get upgraded to the hub 5! I don't want to change but I will. 

I don't think it's fair that new customers get a hub 5, please can I get a hub 5 and I'll be a happy man.

Hi mesub, I have a Hub4

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

A VM person will respond here soon and see if they can help.  If not - cancel and you can rejoin in  ~3months (I think) as a new 1GB customer which ought to come with a Hub5.  Use a 5G Smarty SIM  in the interim


I do not work for VM. My services: HD TV on VIP (+ Sky Sports & Movies & BT sport), x3 V6 boxes (1 wired, 2 on WiFi) Hub5 in modem mode with Apple Airport Extreme Router +2 Airport Express's & TP-Link Archer C64 WAP. On Volt 350Mbps, Talk Anytime Phone, x2 Mobile SIM only iPhones.

Hi @en3rmax 

Thanks for coming back to us.

My colleague Tom has advised correctly regarding the Hub 4. I am sorry it's not the resolution you want but is correct.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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