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Very poor wifi signal

Tuning in

Hi All, I still have a very poor 5g signal in my house, 2g isnt as bad but is noticably slower. I had an engineer come out and check the equipment last time i was having issues in May 2021. He said there was a few problems and my DB readings were way off so he did some fixes on the hub but this didnt improve the 5g signal. 

The 5g either has a super low signal or quite often vanishes all together and then the wifi jumps to 2g. When its working its fast but the poor signal makes devices swap to 2g which has a stronger signal and is more stable but obviously not as fast especially when using streaming services where it constantly buffers and pauses. I have put up with it for another long period of time but its making me unhappy as my package is not cheap and all i want is a reliable signal. Restarting the hub does nothing apart from having no internet while it is starting back up. Im wondering is my hub faulty? Has it been faulty all along?