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Very poor WIFI in one of my bedrooms.

Dialled in

I have no WiFi in two rooms and my security cameras wont operate. I contacted Virgin and an operator called Amil changed me over to Volt and promised me three mesh pods free of charge as I have been with Virgin for over 25 years. My contract was changed, I received a sim from O2 which I really didn't need, and no mesh pods. A different operator then told me that I had to be assessed for the pods and could be charged for them. I understood that Virgin claims that WiFi will work in every room or they will deduct £100 from their bill. My wife and I are both aged 75, were advised to fit security cameras after a burglary, paid out a load of cash and left with a useless system. Typical of Virgin - customer service in another continent, different advisors each time you call, long waiting times for service, and no consideration for loyalty. 


Dialled in

Not so much a joke as a tragedy! I have similar problems in two rooms where my security cameras wont work. I was changed over to Volt by a Virgin operative and promised the much acclaimed 3 free Mesh pods together with an O2 contract which I really didn't need. The O2 sim with a bill arrived, then another Virgin operative in another continent told me I will have to wait a month before being assessed for the pods and may have to pay for them.So much for the promise of WiFi around the house - mine is just a three bed semi - or £100 off the bill. I also regret getting a new contract and would advise anyone thinking of joining Virgin to seriously think again.

Hi there @Mervynhancock 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you back. 

I am so sorry to hear that you have been facing these issues with your service, and recent upgrade.

Can I ask if you have activated your Volt bundle via the O2 app? Is you contract on My Virgin Media showing as the agreed Volt deal? 

Yes the Volt contract does show, I have activated the deal, the online customer service person, called Amil, said I would receive three Mesh pods to boost the WiFi. I need these to operate a security system, but a foreign lady then told me the new contract would not begin until August 12 and at that time I would be assessed for the free WiFi pods. The O2 sim card arrived and is working and I have a new direct debit. After being with Virgin since the old Telewest days I cannot understand why they treat loyal customers in such a despicable way. Phoning someone in another Continent is annoying and frustrating.



Just checked the WiFi signal in the bedroom with the Virgin app and it is 3mbs! Telling me I need the Mesh system.

Hi Mervynhancock,

Thank you for reaching back out, apologies for any inconvenience caused by your WiFi not reaching the whole property as expected, when running our Connect App did it guide you through ordering our WiFi max with our Pods?




Yes. Amil from Virgin Media changed my contract to Volt and told me the 3 Mesh pods were ordered. I was then told by another customer service agent in another Continent that I have to wait 30 days for the new contract to be activated, wait until August 8 and then be assessed for them. I explained that we needed the security cameras to connect to the WiFi before we go on holiday as I had been a victim of a previous burglary attempt. I have been with Virgin for over 25 years so why does it take 30 days to send me some pods when my account has always been paid promptly by direct debit?

Hi there @Mervynhancock, thanks for reaching out to us on the forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the poor experience you have had.
We would only need 30 days to process an order if there is any element which is being removed from the service.
Have you downgraded at all in any way shape or form

Let us know.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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No I have the same package, tv, broadband and telephone, with an additional sim card for the O2 mobile which I was told came with the changeover to Volt. 

Thank you for that information. It may be that while you would still be in the same level of service that the package itself does need to change to be in line with the Volt deal.