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VPN disconnects every hour

Tuning in

Ever since getting Virgin wifi installed in August 2021, my VPN connection on my work laptop drops every hour, for a minute or so

this week it was at 15 minutes past the hour, last week it was 45 minutes past the hour

I have had my IT team look at my network settings and even issue me a new laptop but the same issue still occurs


has anyone got a resolution to this?


Alessandro Volta
The hubs NAT session times out even if its in use that causes this a better router and hub in modem mode will fix that.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi shona9987,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, really sorry to hear your works VPN is dropping on a regular basis, although we understand a lot of people now work from home and use VPN's this isn't something we support, there are some members who will give you some guidance around your issue,  have you looked into the advice of legacy1?



Hi, i am not really technical minded so whatever they have said makes no sense to me

i am out of contract in Jan 2023 so will try another provider

Thanks anyway

Sorry to hear that you're tempted to try an alternative provider.

Have you possibly reported this to the VPN administrators to see if they have a workaround or fix to help prevent the services dropping?

If you're adamant on changing providers, it may be worth seeing if others using the VPN on our connection and other connections also experience similar issues.

Kindest regards,


any luck fixing this?

virgin were useless and i could be bothered fighting with them to try and fix the issue but about 2 months after i posted this, i got a txt from Virgin out the blue saying the issue i reported had been resolved and my VPN hasn’t dropped since

What a nightmare. Glad it’s resolved for you - I’ll keep on at them and my IT department!

Hi Shona9987,

I'm sorry to hear the duration to took to resolve this. We're glad to hear this is all sorted for you now though.