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VPN blocked

Tuning in

Due to Covid 19 and like many others I am having to work from home I was having problems with wifi and ordered a Hub 3 which I was assured would resolve my wifi problems. Installed the new hub wifi ok but the works VPN that I require to keep working appears to be blocked by the new router it was working fine through the Super Hub 2 but is not working on Hub 3.  I need the VPN to connect so I can work ….. can anybody help

Thanks Mike


No it wasn't that either, it was definitely the DNS settings.

Alessandro Volta
Child Safe and Virus Safe are broken just like Advanced Network Error Search its a good thing VM don't don't mess with other DNS IP's you can use or do Child Safe and Virus Safe by Content Filter in TCP what a mess that would be!


Had some luck with Cyberghost VPN.


VPN protocol = open VPN

Transport mode = UDP

Use random port =on

Will see how this goes over the next few days.  

You need to call virgin media or log into the app and deactivate the web safe 

Virgin Media Web Safe comes as standard on all Virgin Media broadband packages. It works with any device connected to your home network to block websites with viruses or malicious and unsuitable content. Web Safe made up of Virus Safe and Child Safe, working together to give parental control of WiFi networks. You can manage your Web Safe settings easily and conveniently online, by signing into your My Virgin Media account.