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VPN Drops out off Virgin router

Tuning in


I have Virgin wi fi and use it to connect to work from home through a VPN. It's very weird but very randomly the VPN seems to drop and I loose my ability to carry on working. The router looks fine and my mobile phone never drops from its wi fi connection. Its something to do with the connection through the VPN. How do I even begin to try and resolve this when it's so random. Some days a dozen tines, the next day once or twice. Any help much appreciated.



We have a Router mode Hub 3 it is fine with VPNs but I only connect an office laptop directly with a network cable.

Often my worst VPN issues are caused by bandwidth limits at the VPN exit point during the most busy WFH times of the week.

I would try a cable direct connection but... my laptop for work has no connection for hard wired, wi fi only which is not ideal. We supposed to be getting new laptops soon, heard this before !

We have an HP laptop here that is WiFi + USB only.

A USB plug to network socket adaptor was very little money & helped video + audio stability in tele conf calls.

Alessandro Volta
Get a better wifi router with 1Gb ports and put hub in modem mode

Wow never knew it was a thing! Order one off Amazon 10 quid. Hope this helps will monitor it and come back. Thank you.

Alessandro Volta

If it was a router for £10 you might as well cancel it.

USB to Ethernet OK guess you can give that a try


Nooo £10 for a USB to Cat5 converter!!

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@ashbuck wrote:

Nooo £10 for a USB to Cat5 converter!!

Let’s hope it’s not Cat5 as that’s only rated to 100mb. Post a link so we can check you have ordered the correct adapter? 

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