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VOIP provider requesting that SIP ALG be turned off

Hi gang,

Recently started a new job working from home and I have a new desktop VOIP.

It doesn't work.

Provider says this is because SIP ALG is turned on and I've been doing some quick reading and I can see lots of posts with this same problem because it's impossible to turn off SIP ALG on a Superhub 2/3/etc.

Am I just going to have to buy a router and switch my Superhub2 to Modem Mode?

Getting through to a actual Virgin Media techie is proving impossible so please help me Virgin Media Community, you're my only hope.

Thanks in advance.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: VOIP provider requesting that SIP ALG be turned off

Yup - that's exactly what you'll need to do.

Or your voip provider/employer needs to provide you with the tools to do so.

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