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Virgin media, why do you offer 200mbs when my internet is pure dog **bleep**. legit, I can even play games without it lagging so **bleep** much. When the technician came and set it up, he said it enough for gaming. is it **bleep**. the internet is so bad. wth I even got 200mbs expecting it to do something. will it **bleep** all I get is just Lag. nothing else but lag. the internet cant even reach upstairs wth do you call this internet. worst ever, I thought BT was bad, oh god virgin is even worse    


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Stop cussing, it makes reading your issue impossible if you come here just to rant then your in the wrong place.

The Giggitty 1

I think your getting your WiFis confused with your internets. Try using a cable.

It's not that bro, when I use any device in the same room as my router, its a decent connection (even though it should be fast as hell in the same room). when i use my mobile or anything else its so bad upstairs. gaming is a issue aswell but even on my phone, always 2 bar connection. why tho? im literally paying for the 200mbs package and im getting nothing from it. i heard fibre makes your internet better.... from the looks of it, worser

what else do you expect.... im paying for a service and getting a terrible service... 

You need to understand how WiFi works and also that Internet providers do not guarantee WiFi and don't sell you WiFi.

Testing needs to be done using wired connections and depending on wireless networks in proximity to yours performance will vary.

For gaming WiFi is never recommended so would advise on find a way to not use it for gaming, either by connecting using Ethernet cabling or a Powerline adapter.

The Giggitty 1

okay gaming aside, i upgraded my broadband to virgin and still, when i load stuff up on google on my phone or laptop, takes a minute to load. come on, the wifi should atleast offer decent loading time for anything. i can connect a wire to my phone or smt. i have a range extender thing and thats pretty terrible. 

The WiFi signal will degrade over distance, this is not the fault of VM and they will not attempt to fix this as they make no guarantee of WiFi signal strength. They only guarantee that the hub provides a WiFi signal that is suitable for 'typical households' in a 'typical environment'. Due to the nature of WiFi, in some environments the distance of the signal can be less than 1 meter. 

If you wish to extend your WiFi coverage then you need to purchase or rent additional equipment (from VM or elsewhere) in order to do this. 

To experience the most from a cabled service you need to use a cable not WiFi. 


@JitteryPinger wrote:

You need to understand how WiFi works and also that Internet providers do not guarantee WiFi and don't sell you WiFi.


If they don't sell you Wifi then why do the ISP's advertise their best Wifi ever in their adverts as I've seen both BT and VM advertise Wifi in their adverts this year.

BT claim to give you about £100.00 back if their Wifi doesn't get to every room in your house in their adverts.