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VIRGIN Broadband Service unbelievably poor

I am a new virgin customer and I am paying for the superfast broadband and TV - this bundle.

It is appalling bad the broadband doesn't work all over the house, it's really slow and keeps disconnecting.  I am working at home for obvious reasons, my daughter can't connect to college to do her work as we can't have more than one laptop connecting.  The playstation won't work at all.  They also advertised a free TV or £200 bill reduction when I purchased it.  I was told that would be taken off my first bill and it wasn't they were still advertising this on the website when I complained I hadn't received it but they have removed that now -still waiting for a response to that complaint.  They more than doubled my first bill.

I am about to make another complaint about the wifi service it's crap, I specifically asked if my wifi would work all over the house when I purchased it and was told it would and I could order free boosters if I needed them because I was purchasing the most expensive package.  If I try and order a booster now it says I have to pay £5 extra a month. They never responded to our request for an engioneer to visit or the request for a booster.

If you try and speak to someone they just send you a text with an online link which takes you through a pointless procedure which resolves nothing.

If I don't get a response to this post from virgin I am going to contact the Advertsing Standards Authority and start the process to complain to the ombudsman.  I am also going to put a review on every online site I can find starting with Trustpilot.

I honestly don't know how they get away with it.  I wouldn't recommend Virgin to anyone, nobody should purchase virgin their customer service is appalling and shocking.


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