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Using TP-Link Powerline Extenders with Virgin Hub 3

Joining in

Hello all. Looking for advice on setting up my TP-Link Powerline Adapters from Virgin Hub 3. they worked ok with BT Hub 5 from Ethernet socket on the back of Hub into a Power socket then could reach my Computerized Telescope 10m up my garden from Powerline Adapter in the Kitchen with long Ethernet cable. there is too much electrics on the scope to connect up with WiFi, this time of year Dew heaters cause interference on the 2 CMOS cameras I use for starters. At moment I have to sit close to the Mount to keep in control the full session. I want to be able to pre program targets in and leave it to run through the night while I sit in the warmth of indoors. If I can get connect to home internet can just monitor with iPhone. is it possible with Virgin Hub 3 ? Thanks  


Trouble shooter

Telescopes how interesting !

Prior to using Virgin Media our TP-Link Powerline adaptors worked with Plusnet which is just like a BT internet service.

We now have a Hub 3 in Router mode and we have the same TP-Link Powerline adaptors 4 in total and they work fine serving TV's and Printer/Scanners.

Plusnet used the IP range where as Hub 3 uses the IP range. This matters only for static IP equipment.

When moving from Plusnet to Virgin Media, the 2 Powerline adaptors that have a WiFi access point and offer web admin screens needed to be given new static IP addresses on the Hub 3s  local LAN i.e. in the range I have them at  & which is below the start of the Hub 3's DHCP allocations.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for that info will have to reset them first. I did try one but it messed internet up had to go into Hub settings and reset the security setting, iPads and iPhones kept giving WiFi warning  weak security. had to set to WPA2-PSK things must have reset back to Basics. I have 4 Powerline adapters all Ethernet, working with a good setup on BT Hub. I could Backup my Laptop downstairs to the Server in spare bedroom But I had to change to Virgin to get the internet speed to our new Sony Smart TV, BT could only provide 30-50Mbs to our postcode area. The Virgin internet is up to 7x faster not a problem in the house at its lowest I get 60Mbs in the kitchen and that is with water pipes and electric meter in the path. I did not want to damage the Hub. I just seen it somewhere that there was 2 settings on the Virgin Hub, Router and Modem ? it is in Router mode as I want the fast WiFi. May get a WiFi Extender with a Ethernet output  then run TP-Link from that but like you said will to check all the IP s. Thanks.

Hey @bigbrother1960, thanks for reaching out to us and a a warm welcome to the Virgin Media forums.:)

I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you're having with the TP Link and the Virgin Media hub connecting. 😞
Let us know how it goes with the recommendations given on this thread and we can go on from there!

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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