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Upload spreed

I’ve phoned up and it showed they was an issue so sent signal to the box and I’ve reset box. 
I’ve upgraded to a 500mb. The 5g keeps on disappearing. I’ve ran a test and I’m only getting 71mb upload speed. I’m working from home and Im struggling with presenting webinars. When all family is home we struggle connecting our phones to internet and it is very slow. 

any advice would be appreciated 

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Re: Upload spreed


For some clarification

When you say the upload is 71mbps that is quite normal for a 500mbps connect upload speed is 36 - 37 Mbps, do you actual mean download speed ?

How are you connecting when you are doing the webinars is it wired or wireless ?

Speeds with Virginmedia are always checked with a wired device directly connected to the hub with a Cat 5e cable or above see

The 5Ghz wireless band doesnt have the same range as the 2.4ghz wireless band although generally in is faster.

Can you please post your network stats from the hub
Open a Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and enter the address
Note: If you have enabled Modem Mode on your Hub 3.0 you will need to use instead.
Posting the stats by copy and paste will remove all personal information so no breaches.
Do not login but click on where it says "Check Router Stats" and then copy and post from the following 4 tabs, Downstream, Upstream, Configuration and Network logs (if they are pasted then all personal information is * out) and we can check your power level, also while you about that can you please go around and check that all connectors to VM equipment are hand tight. Also while doing this please check for any damage to cable, or un-terminated connection without either coax or a terminator.
Also please run "Check service status" at the top right of this forum and call 0800 561 0061 to check for local issues.
Also one think you can do is too signup at and setup a broadband quality monitor which will keep an eye on you connection by sending a small amount of data to the hub asking if it still on.

Regards Mike

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