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Upload speeds

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I have a TUF GAMING AX6000 router with the virgin hub 5 in modem mode. I got a txt today from virgin saying they were upgrading the network in my area. Internet went off for an hour, when it came back on all looked good until i ran a speed test. 

My Speed test from earlier today showed my upload speed at 105Mbps, after the internet came back on i cant get more than 3Mbps. 

My download speeds are fine 1159Mbps. I get this download speed both wired and wireless on my PC however both have the same issue with the upload speed. My pixel 6 pro gets full download and upload speed. For some reason my PC is now the only device with upload issues however they worked perfectly earlier today.

i have reset network, hard reset both the hub and router. If i put the hub 5 in router mode my upload speeds return to normal. 


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im having a similar issue


"i have reset network, hard reset both the hub and router."

Have you also done a full shutdown / restart of the problem PC ?  E.g ...  shutdown /r /t 0