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Upgraded to Hub 5 but it won't connect to existing Wifi Extender Pod

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Hi, I received my Hub 5 just over a week ago, the broadband works ok but it does not recognise/connect to my existing Wifi extender pod. I have reported this, in fact I have phoned 5 times about it and keep being told someone from the technical team will get back to me within 24 hours yet no one does 😞

They realise that the pod must still be paired to my old hub but I have not been offered a solution e.g. being sent a new pod. Please help as I am just going around in circles.



VM have 2 options, re-pair the VM Pod(s) to the new Hub or replace the VM Pod(s).

So far you have only seen option 3 - bone idleness !

Don't forget option 4 - Incompetence.

Absolutely! I had to ring a 6th time and it seems to have finally set the wheels in motion.. They are sending a new pod finally! I estimate I spent a total of about 3 hours trying to resolve this over the phone, I despair having to call them again if the new one doesn't connect 😱


Today I saw the following response from a VM Team member on this VM Pod / new Hub re-pair topic.

It would be very interesting to know if this works as it is the first time it has been suggested :

Pair a VM Pod to a different Hub

Press the WPS button on the router, press and hold it for around 20 seconds.
Then plug the VM Pods in, they should then pair.

Hello rebellion.

Thank you for your post.

Sorry to read about the pod nor connecting to your hub5 after the updgrade.

Please can you let us know how the new pod is once it has been received.

Also did the WPS Button help at all?


Does not work.  Have also been advise to rest HUB 5  Also reset and  remove all connections , press WPS button etc.  Nothing has worked.  Eventually they have conceded that it wont work they are now

sending me a replacement pod to try.  I have 3 pods and these need to get sent out one at a time but agent has made a note fro future technicians to fast track reorder (I need to contact them another two separate occasions but at least hopefully this will then work).

Hi Dealseeker, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums. ⭐

We're sorry to hear you're having issues with re-pairing your pods since having a new hub. We will be able to re-pair these this end to avoid the need of having replacements sent. 

I will just need to confirm some information with you so I have sent you a direct message to allow us to do this with you in a private space. If you are using a PC/Laptop then you can just click on the little βœ‰ at the top right-hand side of the page to access your inbox. If you are on a mobile/tablet device then instead click on the little circle icon in the top right then select 'Messages'. 😊


Kath_F ✨
Forum Team

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Hi Dealseeker, 

Thanks for coming back to me via private message. I'm glad the pods are back online now with the re-provisioning we've done this end. 

If you have further issues, pop back and let us know so we can help further. 


Kath_F ✨
Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

I didn’t actually get sent a new pod in the end, the technical team managed to pair my existing pod with the Hub 5 - as simple as that - yet it took 6 calls and approx 3 hours of my time chasing it up!