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Unable to use Reolink POE security cameras

Tuning in

I've recently purchased a Reolink POE camera system (4 cams linked to an NVR). The cams work fine but I can't connect to them using the Reolink app (Android) or the Windows application.

Everything is set up OK but no matter what, the app can't see the cameras at all. I've tried adding via IP address as well, but whatever I try, it just throws a "Connection failed" error.

Whilst searching around, I found a post on these forums from a couple of years back:

It looks like it may need port forwarding set up in order to get it working, but I'm no expert on networking so I'm just wondering if anyone can give a bit more detail on whether this is the best way to go? And if so, how to go about setting it up?



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

What does the manual say? There are 64k ports to choose from so you cannot guess the correct one.

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Alessandro Volta
You will need to use hub in modem mode and a better router with 1Gb ports

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Failed to Remotely Access Reolink NVR – Reolink Support

Any help here on this Reolink website link?

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